Sony a9 Settings (Firmware Update Version 5.00)

We have been shooting with the Sony a9 since it first came out, and the recent firmware update version 5.00 has given great improvements to the camera. These are the settings with the latest update that we have found to be optimal.

Warning: long tables!

Camera Icon 1

Quality/Image Size1 1/13
File Format RAW
RAW File Type Uncompressed
JPEG Quality Extra Fine
JPEG Image Size L: 24M
Aspect Ratio 3:2
APS-C/Super 35mm Off
Quality/Image Size2 2/13
Long Exposure NR Off
Color Space sRGB
Lens Comp. Shading Comp.: Auto
Chromatic Aberration Comp.: Auto
Distortion Comp.: Auto
Shoot Mode/Drive 3/13
Self-timer Type Self-timer(Single)
Bracket Settings Bracket Type: DRO Bracket
Selftimer during Bracket: 2 Sec
Bracket order: 0→–→+
Select Media Slot 1
Reg. Custom Shoot Set These are the numbers 1-3 on the top right dial; change these to your preferred frequently used settings.
AF1 4/13
Priority Set in AF-S Balanced Emphasis
Priority Set in AF-C Balanced Emphasis
Focus Area Tracking: Flexible Spot: M
Focus Settings
Focus Area Limit Everything selected except zone
Switch V/H AF Area Off
AF2 5/13
AF Illuminator Off
Face/Eye AF Set. Face Priority in AF: On
Right/Left Eye Select: Auto
Face Detect. Frame Disp. Off
AF Tracking Sens. 5 (Responsive)
Aperture Drive in AF
AF w/ shutter Off
Pre-AF Off
AF3 6/13
Eye-Start AF
AF Area Registration Off
Del. Regist. AF Area
AF Area Auto Clear Off
Disp. cont. AF area On
Circ. of Focus Point Does Not Circulate
Exposure1 8/13
Exposure Comp. Controlled by physical dial
Reset EV Comp. Maintain
ISO Range Limit: 100 – 51200
ISO AUTO Min. SS: 1/30
Metering Mode Multi
Face Priority in Multi Metering On
Spot Metering Point Focus Point Link
Exposure2 9/13
Exposure step 0.3EV
AEL w/ shutter Off
Exposure Std. Adjust Generally, adjustment is not necessary.
Flash 10/13
Flash Mode Flash Off
Flash Comp. ±0.0
Exp.comp.set Ambient&flash
Wireless Flash Off
Red Eye Reduction Off
Color/WB/Img. Processing 11/13
White Balance Auto
Priority Set in AWB White
DRO/Auto HDR D-Range Optimiser
Creative Style Standard
Picture Effect Off
Shutter AWB Lock Off
Focus Assist 12/13
Focus Magnifier
Focus Magnif. Time No Limit
Initial Focus Mag. x1.0
AF in Focus Mag. On
MF Assist On
Peaking Setting Peaking Display: On
Peaking Level: Mid
Peaking color: Yellow
Shooting Assist 13/13
Face Registration
Regist. Faces Priority On

Camera Icon 2

Movie1 1/11
Exposure Mode
File Format XAVC S 4K
Record Setting 24p 100M
S&Q Settings
Proxy Recording Off
Movie2 2/11
AF drive speed Normal
AF Tracking Sens. Responsive
Auto Slow Shutter Off
Initial Focus Mag. 1.0
Audio Recording On
Audio Rec Level
Movie3 3/11
Audio Level Display On
Audio Out Timing Lip Sync
Wind Noise Reduct. On
Marker Display Off
Marker Settings
Video Light Mode Power Link
Movie4 4/11
Movie w/ shutter Off
Shutter/Steadyshot 5/11
Shutter Type Electronic Shutter
Release w/o Lens Enable
Release w/o Card Disable
SteadyShot On
SteadyShot Settings SteadyShot Adjust.: Auto
SteadyS. Focal Len.: –
Zoom 6/11
Zoom Setting Optical zoom only
Zoom Ring Rotate
Display/Auto Review1 7/11
DISP Button Monitor
Check/uncheck the displays you want to cycle through using the DISP button (next to Fn button).
Finder Frame Rate High
Zebra Setting Zebra Display: Off
Zebra Level: 70
Grid Line Rule of 3rds Grid
Exposure Set. Guide Off
Display/Auto Review2 8/11
Live View Display Setting Effects ON
Shoot. Start Disp. Off
Shoot. Timing Disp. On: Type1
Cont. Shoot. Length Not Displayed
Auto Review Off
Custom Operation1 9/11
Custom Key (Photo) Rear 1
1. Not Set
2. Eye AF
3. AF On
4. Shutter Type
5. SteadyShot
Rear 2
1. AF On
2. Focus Area
3. Selftimer during Bracket
4. ISO
5. ISO Auto Min. SS
1. Focus Standard
2. Face Priority in AF
1. Eye AF
Custom Key (Video) Follow Custom
Custom Key (Playback) Rear
1. Protect
2. Send to Smartphone
1. Follow Custom
2. Follow Custom
Function Menu Set.
My Dial Settings
Dial Setup SS F/no.
Custom Operation2 10/11
AV/TV Rotate Normal
Dial Ev Comp Off
Function Ring(Lens)
Func. of Touch Operation
MOVIE Button Always
Lock Operation Parts Off
Custom Operation3 11/11
Audio signals Off

Briefcase Icon

Setup1 1/7
Monitor Brightness Sunny Weather
Viewfinder Bright. Manual (+2)
Finder Color Temp. ±0
Volume Settings 7
Delete confirm. “Cancel” first
Power Save Start Time 1 Min
Setup2 2/7
Auto Power OFF Temp. Standard
NTSC/PAL Selector
Cleaning Mode
Touch Operation Off
Touch Panel/Pad Touch Panel Only
Touch Pad Settings
Setup3 3/7
Demo Mode Off
TC/UB Settings
Remote Ctrl Off
HDMI Settings
4k Output Select
USB Connection Mass Storage
Setup4 4/7
USB LUN Setting Multi
USB Power Supply On
PC Remote Settings
Language English
Date/Time Setup Date Format: M (English)-D-Y
Area Setup
Setup5 5/7
IPTC Information
Copyright Info
Write Serial Number Off
File Number Series
Set File Name RCC
Set this to an abbreviation that is meaningful to you and describes the camera if you use multiple cameras.
Setup6 6/7
Rec. Media Settings Prioritize Rec. Media: Slot 1
Recording Mode: Simult. (Photo/Video)
Auto Switch Media: Off
Select REC Folder
New Folder
Folder Name Standard Form
Recover Image DB
Display Media Info.
Setup7 7/7
Setting Reset

Star Icon

My Menu1 1/3
Remote Ctrl
Face/Eye AF Set.
Rec. Media Settings
Cleaning mode
Flash Mode
My Menu2 2/3
Shutter Type Electronic Shutter
AF w/ shutter Off
e-Front Curtain Shutter
Monitor Brightness Sunny Weather
Viewfinder Brightness Manual (+2)
Live View Display Setting Effect ON

The a9 has a physical top dial on the left that allows changing autofocus and drive modes quickly. For this reason we only change those settings via the top dial.

The a9 is an extremely capable camera, but that also means it has an overwhelming amount of customization options. This list has been our reference for setting up our camera, and hopefully it can also be helpful to others.

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