About Us

Hi there! We are Rose and Charles, a wife and husband team located in the Salt Lake valley of Utah, USA.

Many creatives work solo, but we enjoy collaborating and working together to achieve our artistic vision. We love telling a story visually and capturing the beauty of the moment.

Rose Cox

About Rose

Rose was born in China and immigrated to the U.S. when she was young. She grew up in the midwest, and she went to college and lived for almost a decade in the Chicago area. She moved to Salt Lake City, Utah after she met Charles in an online video game.

Rose has always loved visual design, color, typography, and creative pursuits. Her day job is in the field of web technology, and she sometimes takes corporate headshots and promotional photos for work. She helped create the original color profiles that we use for both portraits and landscape photos. She avidly researches new photography locations.

She got more serious about photography to take better photos of our two boys. She also likes to take lots of candid shots of Charles, especially while he’s in his natural element (taking photos). She has grown to love landscape photography as much as Charles does.

About Charles

Charles was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, a beautiful city nestled in the Wasatch Mountains. He majored in mathematics in undergrad and graduate school, and he volunteered in the Peace Corps teaching math to high school students in Africa. His day job is in the data science and engineering field.

Charles has a keen eye for composition and detail. He plans the logistics for sunrise and sunset locations, and he takes meticulous care of our camera gear. He is passionate about both technical and artistic aspects of landscape photography. He also spends hours planning our astrophotography excursions and post-processing the images.

When not actively shooting photos, Charles enjoys playing the guitar, curating music, hiking, “off-roading” in his Subaru, lapidary projects, video gaming, and playing with our two boys.

Charles Cox


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